• Simply reading through Lesley's evocative EAT MEXICO, I could smell the crisping chicharrón, the pots of herbaceous green mole, the toasty corn masa crisping on the comal. This is a delicious work of tender, first-hand exploration...open any page and you'll be immediately drawn into a world of honest, irresistible flavors.
    — Rick Bayless
  • Wandering through the streets of Mexico City with Lesley is one of the most delicious and exciting things a person could do. EAT MEXICO took me right back to that trip with amazing recipes and stunning photography that captures the incredible culture found on those streets.
    — Sean Brock
  • Téllez is a respected authority in Mexican cooking, with her cookbook, 'Eat Mexico: Recipes from Mexico City's Streets, Markets and Fondas' giving readers a fantastic trip through Mexican street food.
    — Ivan Favelevic Chicago Sun Times
  • What’s the best single adjective to describe Eat Mexico: authentic, detailed, delicious? The best word to use here is intelligent. This is a carefully, artfully crafted book by a very skilled writer.
    — Brian O'Rourke, Huffington Post
  • If you want to know what it's like to hear the sing song of vendors in the open air markets or tianguis in Mexico City's Colonia Roma or walk along the Centro Histórico's sidewalk food stands, open the pages of Eat Mexico: Recipes from Mexico City's Streets, Markets, and Fondas by Lesley Téllez.
    — NBC News
  • Followers of Téllez's blog, The Mija Chronicles (www.themijachronicles.com) ― mija is short for "my daughter" ― know the author's keen attention to detail and her embrace of Mexico City's culinary joys. You'll find the same assets in her recent cookbook, "Eat Mexico: Recipes From Mexico City's Streets, Markets & Fondas.
    — Judy Hevrdejs Chicago Tribune
  • As much as I'd love to travel to Mexico City and sample from market stall to stall, eating mole and sipping aquas frescas at countertop restaurant stands, I can recreate the flavors at home with the new cookbook Eat Mexico: Recipes from Mexico City's Streets, Markets & Fondas by Lesley Téllez.
    — Casey Barber Good Food Stories
  • Eat Mexico is very much a personal odyssey—it’s Lesley’s journey of discovering the food she found and fell for in Mexico City when she moved there with her husband.
    — Yotam Ottolenghi, Food 52